Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Twitter "IT" list

For a moment, playback to last November. Life was a lot different. We just voted in a new president. Florida had not won it's second college football national championship in three years yet. And the economy was in the tank. OK, maybe not *everything* has changed.

Life was a lot different in the world of social media, too. For those of us who live and breathe in this space, we know it operates at a whole new speed. So, I thought we'd have a little fun with this and look at some of the trends and changes we've witnessed in the last six months:

Social Media Rock Star

November--Chris Brogan (still a rock star, by the way--always will be)

April--Amber Naslund (too many to name, but Amber's definitely a star of stars)

Ready to knock the door down

November--Shannon Paul (let's face it, she's knocked the door down, barged on through and is on to the next room already)

April--David Mullen (big things ahead for this fella--especially given his announcement yesterday)

Twitter desktop app


April--Seesmic Desktop

Overused Social media buzz-phrase

November--Web 2.0

April--Conversation (maybe I need to change the title of this blog)

Fastest growing social network


April--Twitter (1,300% growth year over year)

Social networks used for social good

November--David Armano helping a homeless mother of 3 (even though it was really in January)

Most over-hyped trend

November--Parents joining Facebook

April--Celebrities joining Twitter

Social media best practice


April--Listen, then engage

Most popular Twitter celebrity

November: Shaq

Twitter's Sweetheart (full disclosure: Scott Hepburn's phrase, not mine)

November: Rachel Kay (A soft spot in my heart for Rachel)

April: Lisa Hoffmann (I couldn't resist, Lisa!)

Social Media Darlings

November: Comcast (Frank and crew are still rocking it)

April: Southwest Airlines (Gotta give huge love to my SWA friends for flying me to BlogPotomac in June!)

Social Media Phenomenon

November: HARO (still going strong)

April: Twitter chats (Journchat, blogchat, gno, smbiz, etc)

What categories would you add? What did I miss?


storyassistant said...

Having joined Twitter at about the same time as you, I can totally relate to this post. I'd be curious to see a list of predictions for 3 or 6 months out:).

Thanks Arik!

Matt Batt (@storyassistant)

Amber said...


This is great fun. :) But Brogan wins in the hair department. I'll write a check for charity, but shaving my head? I'll leave that to the true rockstars. :)


Rachel Kay said...

Great snapshot of the evolution of Twitter in just a short span of time. Excited to see what new trends pop up in the next several months.

One question - does this mean I'm a has been?! :) Ha ha! Thanks Arik.

Robin said...

I'd add the word "engagement" to April's overused Social media buzz-phrase, as in Return on Engagement.