Friday, April 24, 2009

Tweets of the week

Over the course of a week, we see plenty of RTs and information passed along from person to person across the Twitterverse. Great blog posts, articles and other information are passed along and we all benefit from sharing.

But, every week, due to the sheer volume of tweets, we sometimes miss out on the insightful and sometimes controversial tweets that start meaningful and interesting conversations around topics in PR, marketing and social networks.

So, each week I will attempt to capture what, in my opinion, were the "tweets of the week"--hope you'll do your part in helping me fill in what I've missed. Take a look below and let me know what you think. Who knows, maybe these tweets will restart new conversations with folks who may not have seen these pearls of wisdom earlier in the week:

* People of earth, Twitter is what YOU make of it. Opt in. Create your own experience and the hell with the rest.--@ambercadabra

* I'm still very much a PR girl. I think the "what it takes" has changed in PR and some refuse to evolve.--@shannonpaul

* Are you too much of an "A-lister" or too important and "busy" to respond to someone who responds to your tweet? Then why are you tweeting?--@marc_meyer

* My primary objective in any meeting is to end the meeting.--@badbanana

* The best writers, and hence the best bloggers, develop their own voice, their own tenor, their own POV. --@dpolitis

* Sponsored content is the future of advertising because it binds the ad to the consumption of media. Higher CTRs. Better ROI. --@tedmurphy

* Look at the quality of content and interaction on the topic. Ask yourself--Would you read it? --@dfolkens

* A credible blogger is one who makes a mistake and still shows up tomorrow. --@scotthepburn

* If you don't offer option of comments, you're not listening. If ur not listening, ur not in the game.--@dannybrown

* Social Media is the new zeitgeist.--@tdefren

* Never make someone a priority if they consider you an option.--@researchgoddess

* The people are the rock stars. the rockstars work to build a rock star brand.--@mattceni

* Blogging takes love. If you don't love your blog don't start the relationship in the first place--@dannybrown

* Twitter is like any relationship. You get out of it what you put into it.--@benbrugler

* Idea for corp. blogs. Get a customer that blogs to guest post. Offer the customer a voice and improve your service thru that.--@dannybrown

* Check your ego: There's not much difference between "A-List" and just "a list--@scotthepburn

What were your favorite tweets of the week?


David Mullen said...

Love this idea. Hope you can keep it up and make it a regular occurrence. So much smart stuff flies by the tweetstream that you miss much of it. Case in point - I missed all these tweets this week. :)

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Awesome recap. Thanks for the effort and introducing me to more people who have something to say worth following!

Arik C. Hanson, APR said...

Dave: I most certainly plan to keep this a weekly deal. Completely agree with you--which is why I decided to capture these tweets. Thanks for following. Hope you'll continue to read and find the weekly recaps/tweets worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea. There's plenty of intelligence and range on display here. (Still, djever notice how many tweets are about tweeting, or social networking? Just sayin'.) @davidbdale

Andrew Weaver said...

Excellent idea. As soon as I saw it I thought - "Why hasn't anyone else done this!?"

My favorite from the past week was:
My primary objective in any meeting is to end the meeting.--@badbanana

I want to make this MY primary objective. :)

Arik C. Hanson, APR said...

@davidbdale--I know, but that's kinda the point. The audience I'm trying to reach is PR/mktg pros who want to learn more about social media--or those of us who live and breathe this stuff every day. That was kinda by design ;)

Andrew--Thanks for the comment. I LOVED that @badbanana tweet this week. Probably my fave of the last 7 days as well.

Tim Jahn said...

This is a great idea. It'll be nice to have an easily accessible list of good quotes. Looking forward to it!