Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Twin Cities PR/communications pros on Twitter

Below you'll find an updated list of Twin Cities communicators online (Twitter and blogs). There were a number of updates this month, including more than 20 new PR pros from across the Twin Cities.

Again, standard disclaimer: This is by no means meant to be an end-all-be-all list. It's a work-in-progress and a resource for us all. So please, if you know someone I've missed, please leave a comment below and I'll add their name, Twitter handle and/or blog to the list. My plan is to update this list and re-publish every month so we have a definitive, running online catalog of all Minnesota PR/communications blogs and Twittizens.

Blogs (Waxings--authored by various Beehive staffers) (authored by various RMPR staffers) (authored by Tim Otis and other Axiom staff) (authored by various FH staffers) (authored by Albert Marruggi) (authored by Lee Odden) (authored by Connie Bensen) (authored by Katie Konrath) (Shandwick PR/social medial blog) (authored by Albert Marruggi and Mike Keliher at Provident Partners) (Sterling Cross blog) (Sterling Cross blog) (Sterling Cross blog) (blog by David Erickson) (authored by Lee Aase) (authored by Heather Schwartz) (authored by Jen Kane)


Graeme Thickins (GTA Marketing)
Jennifer Kane (Kane Consulting)
Stephanie Snyder (Padilla Speer Beardsley)
Anne Hendricks (Fairview)
Patrick Strother (Strother Communications Group)
Tim Otis (Axiom Communications)
April Nelson (Weber Shandwick)
Mike Keliher (Fast Horse)
Jeff Shelman (Augsburg College)
Albert Maruggi (Provident Partners)
Katie Konrath
Kary Delaria (KD Public Relations)
Anthony Deos (Target)
Lee Odden (TopRank Online Marketing)
Connie Bensen (Techrigy)
John Reinan (FastHorse)
Brant Skogrand (Risdall McKinney Public Relations)
Bridget Jewell (Mall of America)
Jason Sprenger (Xiotech)
Sara Masters (Minneapolis Synod)
Rebecca Martin (Beehive PR)
Curtis Smith (Carmichael Lynch)
Beehive PR
Sara Ryder (Select Comfort)
Heather Schwartz (Weber Shandwick)
Eva Keiser (Risdall McKinney Public Relations)
Risdall McKinney PR 
Erika Dao (Mall of America)
LeeAnn Rasachak (Select Comfort)
Keith Negrin (Maccabee Group)
Terri Ellman (Tastefully Simple)
Kelly Groehler (Best Buy)
Minnesota PRSA
Amy Zemke (Beehive PR)
Greg Swan (Weber Shandwick)
Joel Swanson (Risdall McKinney Public Relations)
Jared Roy (Risdall)
Ryan May
Melanie Boulay Becker
Laura Kaslow
Jennifer Bagdade (Travelers)
Jon Austin
Ted Davis
Blois Olson (Tunheim Partners)
Susan Busch (Best Buy)
Amy Fisher (Padilla Speer Beardsley)
Liz Miklya
Nicole Garrison (St Paul Pioneer Press)
Allina (comm pros at Allina)
Shelle Michaels
Stacy Housman (Ameriprise)
David Hakensen
Mike Porter (University of St Thomas)
Rose McKinney (Risdall McKinney PR)
Gabby Nelson (Select Comfort)
Brooke Worden (Weber Shandwick)
Leslie Carothers (Kaleidoscope Partnership)
Michelle Wright (Padilla Speer Beardsley)
Ryan Maus (University of Minnesota)
Ryan Mathre (University of Minnesota)
Dan Wolter (University of Minnesota)
egiorgi (University of Minnesota)
MrChristopherL (Sterling Cross Communications)
PRMoxie (Sterling Cross Communications)
Scott Baird (Sterling Cross Communications)
David Erickson (Tunheim Partners)
Lee Aase (Mayo Clinic)
Maria Surma Manka
Heather West
Andrew Meyer (North Memorial)
Adam Meyer (Interval Marketing)
Chris Bevolo (Interval Marketing)
Kellie Due Weiland (Beehive PR)
Fast Horse (official account of Fast Horse)
Sandy Swanson
Colle McVoy (official account of Colle McVoy)
Liz Tunheim
Ben Saukko
Candee Wolf (Metro Dentalcare)
Lisa Grimm
Jason Douglas (Spyder Trap)
Doug Hamlin (Weber Shandwick)
Kristin Gast
Matt Kucharski (Padilla Speer Beardsley)
Gayle Thorsen (consultant)
Jillian Froelich (Carmichael Lynch Spong)
Justin Ware (University of Minnesota)
Leah Otto (Consultant)
Goff & Howard (PR agency)
Mike Zipko (Goff & Howard)
Jenna Langer (Padilla Speer Beardsley)
Michelle Theilmann (Padilla Speer Beardsley)
Ross Kirgiss (Powerhouse Media Service)
Scott Deto (
Robert Moffit (American Lung Association)
Ed Heil (Storyteller Media and Communications)
Dawn Bryant (Simplicity Communications and Consulting) 
Angie Andresen (Storyteller Media and Communications)


Matt Lindstrom said...

Can you please add me to your list?
Many thanks,
Matt Lindstrom
City of Minneapolis

Anonymous said...


Please add me as well, Thanks!

Christian Betancourt
Kroll Ontrack Inc.

Brad Wellman said...

Can you please add these to your list?

Mike Rynchek (Spyder Trap) @mikerynchek

Brad Wellman (Spyder Trap) @bradwellman

Official Twitter of Spyder Trap Online Marketing @spyder_trap