Friday, April 10, 2009

Tweet-A-Thon 2009: Make a difference for Two PR Rock Stars

You've all read the headlines. Company lays off 400. Unemployment continues to rise. No end in sight. It's depressing, right?

Over the last few months, like many, I've watched helplessly as good friends have lost their jobs unexpectedly. I always lend my sympathy and tell them I'll help in any way I can. But it rarely goes any further than that.

That all ends today.

I'm taking a stand. Enough is enough. I can make a difference. One person's voice and actions are a powerful thing. Just ask David Armano,
who helped raise more than $16,ooo for a homeless mother of three back in January. So, here's what I'm doing--with the help of an army of others including Mack Collier, Lisa Hoffmann and Amy Mengel.

I'm hosting a "Tweet-A-Thon" today for two good friends: Sonny Gill and Scott Hepburn. Two guys who are "free agents" out on the market. How this is possible, I still have no idea. Sonny and Scott are two of the most talented writers and creative idea guys around. Any company would be lucky to have them.

From 9 am to 5 pm CST today, I--along with a slew of others--will be tweeting about Scott and Sonny incessantly. Our hope? That we can drum up a few jobs leads, opportunities and even a few folks for them to chat with in hopes of landing a new gig soon. 

Will this make a difference? I don't know. But, the point is, they are friends in need and we are going to take this opportunity to make a difference for these two rock stars. 

Now, I know there are hundreds upon thousands of folks out there looking for jobs. Why help these two and not the others? Because I can make a difference for Sonny and Scott--today. As of 9 am, I'm focused on those two gentleman. After we get them squared away, we'll worry about the rest. 

Join me in helping Scott and Sonny today. Share job opportunities or leads you believe might be a good fit for Scott and Sonny by leaving a comment below. If you're uncomfortable sharing publicly, send me an email at or DM me on Twitter and I'll pass the information along to Scott and Sonny.

Thank you--this is your chance to make a difference for two incredibly talented guys today. Let's make it happen. 


Stuart Foster said...

Sonny Gill and Scott Hepburn are good dudes. Not to mention extremely talented, motivated and experts in their field. (Note: neither says expert in their profile btw)

If you hire either one of these guys...your company will be better off for it. That's just a fact.

Anonymous said...

Words can't express how grateful I am for this, Arik.

Your generosity is what caught my attention on Twitter, and you have demonstrated a capacity for giving time and time again.

Learning from you has been a core component of my PR career development. I'm honored to be a part of your community. Thank you!

Sonny Gill said...

Arik - you, and the community, have really blown me away today - and it's only noon over here.

We've connected last year and it's obvious why - you're just a generous and all around nice guy...that knows his stuff!

Truly appreciative of all you've done.

Aprill said...

I'll buy Scott lunch and let him fire away with any questions on "going out on your own." A free book could be involved.

amymengel said...

Just in from Burt Dumars (@bwdumars), who works at Newell Rubbermaid:

"@amymengel We do not have anything right now, but I highly recommend they contact @Modea a great, small, fast growing agency - Blacksburg VA"