Monday, January 5, 2009

Minnesota PR/Communications Pros online

Over the last few weeks, I've been informally compiling a list of Minnesota-based PR and communications professionals who author blogs or are engaging on Twitter. Lately, I've found myself asking "Gee, I wonder if X is on Twitter." Or, "What other MN-based blogs can I link to or follow and learn from?" 

After a handful of searches for a definitive resource/list, I continue to come up empty. So darn it anyway, I'm starting one myself. 

This is by no means meant to be an end-all-be-all list. Instead, it's merely a starting point. So please, if you know someone I've missed, please leave a comment below or DM and I'll add it to the list. My plan is to update this list and re-publish every month so we have a definitive, running online catalog of all MN PR/communications blogs and Twittizens. 

Blogs (Waxings--authored by various Beehive staffers) (authored by various RMPR staffers) (authored by various FH staffers) (authored by Katie Konrath)


@graemethickins (GTA Marketing)
@jenkaneco (Jennifer Kane--Kane Consulting)
@stephaniesnyder (Padilla Speer Beardsley)
@annehendricks (Fairview)
@patrickstrother (Strother Communications Group)
@timotis (Axiom Communications)
@aprilnel (April Nelson--Weber Shandwick)
@mjkeliher (Mike Keliher--Provident Partners)
@jeffshelman (Augsburg College)
@albertmaruggi (Provident Partners)
@karyd (Kary Delaria--KD Public Relations)
@asdeos (Anthony Deos--Target)
@leeodden (TopRank Online Marketing)
@cbensen (Connie Bensen--Techrigy)
@reinan (John Reinan--FastHorse)
@bskogrand (Brant Skogrand--Risdall McKinney Public Relations)
@bmjewell (Bridget Jewell--Mall of America)
@jasonsprenger (Xiotech)
@saramasters (Minneapolis Synod)
@rebeccamartin (Beehive PR)
@curtisrsmith (Carmichael Lynch)
@sleepnumbersara (Sara Ryder--Select Comfort)
@prchck123 (Heather Schwartz--Weber Shandwick)
@evakeiser (Risdall McKinney Public Relations)
@ekdao (Erika Dao--Mall of America)
@uptowngirlmpls (LeeAnn Rasachak--Select Comfort)
@knegs (Keith Negrin)
@terrijellman (Tastefully Simple)
@kellygroehler (Best Buy)
@azemke (Ayme Zemke--Beehive PR)
@perfectporridge (Greg Swan--Weber Shandwick)
@joel22882 (Joel Swanson--Risdall McKinney Public Relations)
@laskaroy (Jared Roy-Risdall)
@mnpr (Ryan May)


G said...

Thanks for including me, Arik. Weber Shandwick has a social media PR blog here: It's mainly for internal use, but we welcome public reading/comments. -Greg.

Albert Maruggi said...

Finally a list I can take some pride in being on. The last one wanted a front and side picture, you don't need anything like that do you?

The Marketing Edge podcast is celebrating it's fourth anniversary in February. Thanks listeners.

Arik C. Hanson, APR said...

Greg--Thanks for the update. I hadn't heard of that blog. I'll add it for Feb.

Albert--Thanks for the kudos. It's a list for all to use. No need for additional photography. I'll add your podcast to the list in Feb as well.

Also, my good friend and PRSA colleague Candee Wolf added the following:

@MelanieBB (Melanie Boulay Becker)
@Kaz152 (Laura Kaslow)
@Jbagdade (Jennifer Bagdade)
@jmaustin (Jon Austin)
@teddavis (Ted Davis)
@dawnbryant1029 (Dawn Bryant)
@bloisolson (Blois Olson)
@susanbusch (Susan Busch)
@AmyLFisher (Amy Fisher)
@lizmiklya (Liz Miklya)
@ngarrison (Nicole Garrison)
@AllinaComm (comm pros at Allina)
@publicrelations (Shelle Michaels)
@TCStace (Stacy Housman)
@haker (David Hakensen)
@mcporter (Mike Porter)
@bworden (Brooke Worden)

Connie Bensen said...

Hey Erik,
What a great list & thanks for taking on this big project. I think this is excellent information for a wiki associated with Minnov8 as a resource.

Thanks for taking the job on! You rock!

tkpleslie said...

Pls.add me to list of twitterers in Minneapolis" @tkpleslie

This IS a great list-thanks for giving it to us!

SO helpful.

tkpleslie said...

Whoops-forgot to leave company name: The Kaleidoscope Partnership

I work on SM conversation with brands but only in the furniture, interiors, green home living verticals.


blog said...

What a great idea Arik. Thanks for including my firm. Watch out fir that Maruggi guy though :)

Terri said...

Thanks for including me, Arik. Don't forget to look for @MinnesotaPRSA on Twitter as well!

Michelle Wright said...

Padilla Speer Beardsley has a PR/social media blog here: that would make a good addition to your list.

Michelle Wright
@mhwright (Padilla Speer Beardsley)

Ryan said...

I represent PR office at the University of Minnesota, and we'd love for academia to be represented on this list as well. Please add @RPMaus (me), @ryanmathre, @DJWolter and @egiorgi.

Thanks! This list could really take off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arik!

All of us at Sterling Cross Communications are here -

Blogging as well:


Arik C. Hanson, APR said...

Lots of great additions, folks. A few more from the DMs:

* @DancingQueen1 (Sarah Ryder)
* @derickson (David Erickson)
* (blog by David Erickson)
* @leeaase (als which he authors)
* (authored by Heather Schwartz)

Like I said, I'll update the list and republish each month (next time I'll make the Twitter links live). Thanks for all the help!

Katharine said...

Hey Arik-

Thanks for including Waxings and @beehivepr on your list. I'm curious to see how fast and long the list grows with each month.

Way to move it along!

Tim Otis said...

Hi Arik, The Axiom blog is actually Thanks for the Twitter mention.

Maria Surma Manka said...

Thanks for putting this together! Please add me this list of PR professionals Twittering: @mariaenergia

Arik C. Hanson, APR said...

Few more to add to the list, courtesy of Candee Wolf:

@heatherwestpr (Heather West)
@dloumeyer (Andrew Meyer-North Memorial)
@IntervalAdam (Adam Meyer-Interval Marketing)
@IntervalChris (Chris Bevolo-Interval Marketing)

Anonymous said...

Please include on your blogger list and @impactmax on your twitter list. Thanks. This list is a great help!

Leah said...


I've been delving into the realm of consumer insights and social media lately, but it all circles back to PR.

My blog on the care and feeding of creativity:

Twitter: @hotlotto

Melanie Lundheim said...


Melanie Lundheim, freelance corporate writer and founder of