Monday, May 11, 2009

Before Participation, Build a Foundation

There are dozens of scenarios for why you may consider incorporating social applications into your latest communications plan. Maybe you're responsible for bringing dynamic brand marketing ideas to life. Or perhaps you're charged with facilitating a response to a situation with potential impact on reputation.

No matter what your objective, keep in mind that participating with social tools is an ongoing and holistic strategy in itself, effecting multiple communication channels and disciplines within an organization.

Therefore, the foundation for participation needs to be built before tactical use is proposed. It's important to step back, lay the groundwork and, for example:

1) Collaborate across internal and external disciplines to review the business goals and build a plan for a 360 approach
2) Set monitoring processes to listen to relevant conversations and discover influencers
3) Review how various stakeholders are using applications and determine which channels have potential for the greatest impact
4) Develop a plan for engaging and informative participation
5) Incorporate measures for continuous evaluation and refinement

A sound strategy for participation will ultimately enable exceptional execution. How will you build a foundation for your next communications plan?

Arik, thanks for inviting me to guest post. I had a blast "holding down the fort" and hope you had a wonderful vacation. @jillianf


Stuart Foster said...

Foundation building was essential for starting my blog/consultancy. I didn't produce a blog or do any consulting before this October. Before that all I had been doing was learning, listening and commenting on a variety of different blogs.

That laid the foundation to what I see as a very solid SM/Marketing/PR education.

Jamie Favreau said...

I agree. I think I have jumped the gun with my project but I am learning more everyday. I just need to learn how to use the tools like Yahoo Pipes or Techrigy.