Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who's talking on Twitter? A list of moderated conversations and discussions

Below is a short list of hash-tag-based moderated conversations on Twitter. The best way to follow any of these conversations: use an application like TweetChat, enter the hash tag and group name and join the fray. 

Please add any discussions or conversations I've missed. I'll commit to updating this list on a monthly basis as a community resource:

When: Monday nights from 7-10 pm CST
Moderated by: Sarah Evans (@prsaraheavans)
Who should attend: PR professionals, journalists, bloggers
Notable contributors: @storyassistant, @rockstarjen, @rachelakay, @skydiver, @pitchengine, @dannybrown + hundreds of others I'm missing

When: Sunday nights from 8-9 pm CST
Moderated by: Dana Lewis (@danamlewis)
Who should attend: PR/communications pros in health care, physicians, heath care researchers
Notable contributors: @edbennett, @tstitt, @2healthguru, @philbaumann, @billfer, yours truly (@arikhanson) + a slew of other passionate health care folks

#ageop (aka "Age of Opportunity" chat)
When: Thursday nights from 8-9 pm CST
Moderated by: Marc Middleton (@marcmiddleton), Bill Shafer (@billshafter), Katy Widrick (@kwidrick) and Jackie Carlin (@jcarlin)
Who should attend: Anyone interested in "the opportunities that exist for all regardless of age." Topics in previous weeks have included the divide between boomers and Gen Yers and how the Web has changed the lives of those 50-plus.

#gno (aka "Girls Night Out")
When: Tuesday nights from 8-10 pm CST
Moderated by: Featured panelists include Gina LaGuardia, former editor-in-chief of CollegeBound Teen Magazine; editorial director for the CollegeBound Network; @ginalaguardia; Keith Bourne, AdaptiveCampus, @adaptivecampus, Capella University representative; @capellaU; Nicole Russo, Capella University student and single mom of nine-year-old, working online toward a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling degree, @nicatcapella
Who should attend: "Mommy bloggers", women interested in a variety of relevant and timely topics

When: Thursday nights; 8-9 pm
Moderated by: Chuck Welch (@chuckwelch & @journ2journ)
Who should attend: Journalists
Notable contributors: @lifeofmichael; @catekustanczy, @karenhanson 

#smbiz (aka, "Small Business Chat")
When: Tuesday nights from 8-9 pm CST
Moderated by: John Sternal (@sternalpr)
Who should attend: Small business owners, entrepeneurs, independent marketing and PR consultants; group discusses issues facing small businesses today including hiring and insurance issues (topic for March 3 edition).


SpinkO said...
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MomItForward Jyl and Carissa said...

Hey thanks for adding #GNO to your list! #GNO is sponsored by Mom It Forward (http://mommygossip-gno.blogspot.com) and we have diffferent topics and guest tweets each week!

mom it forward

SpinkO said...

Great post Arik. Chats are an amazing way to learn a ton, meet great people, and gain some valuable followers. I can't say enough about how much value I pull out of #journchat each week. Thanks for sharing.

Dave (Spinks)

Anonymous said...

Great list, Arik!

There are plenty of others, but I'd add #editorchat to the list. It's Wednesdays from 8-9:30 pm EST and is moderated by @MileHighFool.

Nice touch including the moderators and notable contributors.

delaneydiariesmama said...

Awesome list. Thanks for compiling it! Great resource.

kweiland said...

Thanks for the list; told client about one they'll be interested in.